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Where the heckie did I put my script files tho

No wait, its questions w/ Scarlight in the next update I dont need a script. maybe


I really need to update wow
Also might have to change the style again seeing as I’ve switched drawing software and things might look different anyway erkk
Might simplify, make updates faster to do so I can draw and post them more often without working on it for days ehh

Twi makes a surprising wakeup
Did this quick little 2-frame so people can ask her some questions mhmm

In other news, Rosalynn is a dick when Diane aint home

This is so out on context people are gonna be so confused IMSORRY

I hit the Reaper Bust milestone on Patreon a while ago.
You’ve already seen this guy so I might as well post him, not really a spoiler.

DEMON TAG [ GIF Version ]

hes got an extremely short temper

Insomnia did wonders to my motivation tonight
5am update
an actual update too wowowo

That last panel is drawn a little while after the first three, so it looks a bit different due to me falling out of the style a bit hahah..
Well, I’m about to draw some more so hopefully I’ll get back inn there soon