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Twi makes a surprising wakeup
Did this quick little 2-frame so people can ask her some questions mhmm

In other news, Rosalynn is a dick when Diane aint home

This is so out on context people are gonna be so confused IMSORRY

I hit the Reaper Bust milestone on Patreon a while ago.
You’ve already seen this guy so I might as well post him, not really a spoiler.

DEMON TAG [ GIF Version ]

hes got an extremely short temper

Insomnia did wonders to my motivation tonight
5am update
an actual update too wowowo

That last panel is drawn a little while after the first three, so it looks a bit different due to me falling out of the style a bit hahah..
Well, I’m about to draw some more so hopefully I’ll get back inn there soon

Thanks for 4,500+ Followers
Have some Twilight
I promise to update soon, I have frames ready and everything!

Zecoras Proposal

Should Diane accept Zecoras Proposal and come to Appleblooms Aid? Leave your answer and why in the askbox for a role as a voice of reason in the upcoming post.